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Never Coming Home
Never Coming Home
  I held my sleeping girl in my arms and smiled. I don't know what I'd do without my little angel. She loves me just as much as I love her. I heard a gunshot and my baby girl fell limp in my arms. I looked around to see a dark figure run away from me. I closed my eyes and sobbed. I held my little daughter close to me as tears rolled down her cheek. Why?! Why should my four year old daughter have to go through this?! Just as I began running to the hospital I felt a sharp pierce in my shoulder. I watched my life flash before my eyes. Suddenly there was darkness. I just kept running like nothing happened. I couldn't let Bandit die. Not at this age. My tears fogged up my vision and before I knew it a giant trunk was driving straight towards me.The whole world turned white as my vision was blinded by tears and the headlights of the truck. My whole body flew back and I made sure that I didn't lose grip on my little angel. I struggled to stand but my whole body ached. A
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Just Gotta Stay Strong
I haven't been bullied. Haven't been beaten or abused. I've been hurt. Hurt by myself. Not others.  Ive been mentally stabbed in the heart with a dagger. Emotions override me. The feeling of anger and sadness stay inside me. Stress of school is the cause of this mayhem. I am one of the many people who suffer from anxiety. It sucks. Sometimes I don't even want to go to school. I've done things I regret. I can't take life anymore. Im special though, Im bisexual and have to work harder to achieve daily tasks that others find easy. I have friends and all but why does school matter so much? All I want to know about is science. No math or history or language arts. Science is all I need to know. A headache slowly starts to form and I close my eyes. Everything hurts. My stomach, head, ear, and legs. This is all just too much. Im slowly becoming addicted to cutting.  I feel like wanting to hide in a corner and cry. There are three people out there who make me cry just thinki
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Mature content
This Means Nothing :iconringostarr9:RingoStarr9 0 7
A Day In The Life Of Mini Berry
My fingers are cold, my heart warm, and my coffee mug empty. Im a pretty normal teenager. I struggle with school at times. I waste my weekends being lazy. I have friends online and in real life. As I sit here typing i think about what will happen to me in the future. I mainly think about my biggest fear; dying. What will I see when i die? Lets not talk about death. Its scares me. Let me tell you a little about myself. Im 13. My birthday is in November. November 24. I love to role-play and draw. Coffee and tea are my favorite drinks. I love wearing guys clothing. Im not a cross dresser. I hate dressing all pretty so what i usually wear are skinny jeans, converse, and a masculine like shirt. For example right now I'm wearing skinny jeans and a blue polo shirt and...SLIPPERS. but my feet are cold, coffee mug still empty, and mouth hurting from orthodontic appointment yesterday. I have glasses and braces. Im such a nerd. I want to be a doctor when I'm older. I now a lot about genetic disea
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Anxiety, Friends, and a Little sister. (chapter 1)
  Was it really possible that a thirteen year old girl could go though so much stress in six months? I can't believe what I've been through. I used to feel dumb, useless, scared, yet I always had a smile on my face.  My life had changed dramatically over the past six to seven months. Im going to tell you My story about anxiety, friends, and a little sister. (Each chapter will be a month or half a month)
  My life was fine. I was a happy teenager with nice friends. Life was awesome! Thats all changed today though. I had felt really dizzy and light headed. I asked my self a few questions. DId i drink enough? Yep. Have I had enough to eat? Yea. Did I get enough sleep? Yeah. Why was I feeling like this? I just sat in the school art room sweating and hallucinating. No one had noticed my behavior. Why was i like this? I tried to stay focused but I was feeling to sick. I felt like I was dying. WHen the bell rang I started walking drunkly to English whi
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Thoughts on Paper
I have so much thoughts that run through my head..Ive never had the time to actually write them down..Its interesting what happens to the people around you. Everyone has a story.  You have a story, I have a story, the person you just saw walking their dog has a story. Everyones life story is different. You might be thinking that Im wasting your time by telling you about my life. Im not. Maybe something I say can help you. Im going to tell you a story. Ive changed a few things but most of it is based off of a true story.
I was single again. He broke up with me...for the seventh time. I knew we were never going to be together again. Life sucks. I wasn't that upset about the break up. Ive been feeling depressed for a week. The break up didn't change how I felt. I just stayed there lying on my back on my bed wearing my favorite pjs. I somewhat felt mad, upset, and worthless. I didn't have a place on this earth. I could just die right now and no one would care. No one cared ab
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What is Life?
It's interesting. Life has done so much to help me and I've never noticed. I have so many questions for life. What will I be like in the future? Will my dreams come true? Am I really going to let others crush my dreams? Why do people feel pain? Pain. What does pain make you think of? Car crashes? Broken hearts? Pain is a strong word. It can describe anything and anyone. The word pain first came to me when I was five. I remember my mom coming home from the hospital looking weak. Cancer. My mom had cancer. My heart sunk. My mom has breast cancer. She might not live to see me graduate high school... That's night I prayed. I knew my mom was strong. She was trying her hardest to be strong. I love her for being a hero. Hero..the word is mainly used in movies. Heroes and villains. My mom is the hero and cancer is the villain. I'm now thirteen and my mom is still alive. She's happy and healthy. My mom having cancer is only one percent of the pain I've experienced in my life. The first death I'
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Do You Want to Know a Secret? Chapter. 6
As the three boys we escorted out of the room Ringo smiled.
  "Rings why do you seem so.."started John
   "Happy.."finished Paul.
Ringo didn't reply to the two men. He just smiled and looked at the two other Beatles.
  "George," said Ringo,"He's alive."
Paul and john looked at each other in confusion.
  "Ringo?" said Paul" Do you know that George might be dead.."
Ringo looked at Paul with wide eyes," HES NOT DEAD!! MY GEORGIE IS NOT DEAD!!"
  "Calm down Richie!" said John surprised
The three men started walking home.
  "Im going to miss George" said Paul sadly as he's eyes welled up in tears.
  "So am I," said john holding back tears," He was a great friend to all of us."
Ringo bowed his head and kept silent. Inside he knew that he might never see George smile again. George and him loved each other dearly. Ringo looked at the ring on his finger and started to cry softly.
  "Ringo," said John," All we h
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Do You Want to Know a Secret? Chpt.5
   "George?!" cried Ringo.
John checked for a pulse from the younger man.
   " Im sorry, Rings," said John as he hugged Ringo tight.
Ringo squirmed out of Johns arms sand ran out of the hospital crying.
John watched nurses come in and run towards George.
John and Paul were told to leave the room as they tried to revive George.
  "Do you think he's, you know, dead?" asked Paul sadly.
   "I-I'm afraid so," replied John who was near crying.
John and paul just sat there waiting for a nurse to tell them that George is fine. they couldn't stand loosing their beloved friend.
   "George was such a great friend," said John as tears rolled down his face.
Paul nodded as Ringo slowly walked towards them.
   "Is my Georgie ok?" asked Ringo softly.
   " We don't know yet Rings," replied Paul
Ringo sat in a chair near Paul and sighed sadly.
2 hours later
Finally a nurse comes out of Geo
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Do You Want to Know a Secret? Chpt.4
Georges life flashed before his eyes. First when he met Paul. Then when he met John. The Quarry Men. The start of the Beatles. When he first met Ringo. Ringo, his love. When he proposed to Ringo. Ringo. Loves. Him. George didn't want to die. He couldn't die. Ringo wouldn't want him to die. George closed his eyes and felt his life slowly leave him. Tears dreamed down his face as he tried to stay alive.
   "George?!" said Ringo sobbing.
      "This is all my fault!!" screamed Paul.
Ringo hugged George and picked him up, "Lets go! I can't let Georgie die!!"
Paul, John, and Ringo ran to the ER with George.
Slowly George grew pale and his breathing started slowing down.
A doctor took George into the emergency room as the other three Beatles waited impatiently in the waiting room.
an hour later
A nurse came into the waiting room and escorted Ringo, P
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Do You Want to Know a Secret? Chpt.3
George slowly turned his head towards where Ringo was. His eyes widened as he saw Paul and Ringo kissing each other deeply. He carefully crawled out of the room and looked for John who was making pancakes for breakfast. John looked at george and raised an eyebrow.
  "are you ok george?" he asked "you seem mad.."
  "I-Im fine," replied the younger man trying to control his anger
  "are you sure?" John asked again starting to get worried about the younger man.
George nodded and sat down at the kitchen table. John smiled softly at george. "cheer up Jojo!"
George smiled in return and watched John make the pancakes.
  " Im going to go and tell Ringo and Paul that breakfast is ready" said John cheerfully
  "No,John Ill tell then" urged George as he stood up and went to his room where Ringo and Paul were,
When George walked into his room he saw Paul and Ringo lying nude on the bed kissing each other deep.
  "Um...breakfasts ready" sa
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Do You Want toKnow a Secret? Chpt.2
Ringo sighed and looked at paul.
  "Paul, I can do whatever I want. If i want to marry Ringo then I can. You're not in charge of me!" Scolded george.
  "george is right paul. You're not his mother." replied John who didn't want an argument to happen.
Paul sighed and put the box on the coffee table.
   "George and i are going to get some lunch.' said ringo breaking the awkward silence.
  "Ok have fun. Paula and i will stay here" said John as he smirked at Paul.
Ringo and george stood up and left the house holding hands.
  "See? Alone time. What would you like to do?" asked John
  "We could maybe have some fun" smirked Paul as he went upstairs to his room with john.
John smiled as him and Pual lied down on the bed together.
Ringo and georeg came home two hours later. Paul and John were still in pauls room, laughing.
  "They must be glad to have time alone" said ringo as he lied down on the couch with a full
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Do You Want to Know a Secret?
This is my first time doing a Beatles slash. Please tell me what you think.
Paul was just about to go grocery shopping when John suddenly stopped him.
Paul looked at John surprised.
  "Paul, Don't leave me with Ringo and george!" said John eagerly
  "Why?" replied Paul confused.
  "They're um...making out" said John,"Please let me come with you!!"
  "Fine hop in" said Paul. John climbed into pauls car and the drove off.
Inside the house that the four boys shared was Ringo and George. Both where happily sitting on the couch kissing each other deeply.
  George broke the kiss,"Are they gone?"
Ringo smiled and nodded.
George smiled back and ran upstairs with Ringo.
  "Rings, We've been together for months now..I was wondering if maybe you..",The youngest Beatle kneeled down and pulled out a little box and opened it."Ringo will you marry me?"
Ringos eyes filled up with tears as
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What a true friend is by RingoStarr9 What a true friend is :iconringostarr9:RingoStarr9 2 0 Pinkie pie! by RingoStarr9 Pinkie pie! :iconringostarr9:RingoStarr9 1 0 Me as a pony by RingoStarr9 Me as a pony :iconringostarr9:RingoStarr9 2 0


Spider by ChazzyLlama Spider :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 117 32 Bed Time For Ringo by ChazzyLlama Bed Time For Ringo :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 87 18 Johns Glasses by ChazzyLlama Johns Glasses :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 144 37 Space by ChazzyLlama Space :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 31 4 Ringo vs laser by ChazzyLlama Ringo vs laser :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 159 25 Eyelashes by ChazzyLlama Eyelashes :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 119 21 Faces by ChazzyLlama Faces :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 106 24 Ringo by ChazzyLlama Ringo :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 75 12 Tiny Ringo by ChazzyLlama Tiny Ringo :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 91 15 Cake by ChazzyLlama Cake :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 70 19 Blisters by ChazzyLlama Blisters :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 90 15 Beatles Halloween by ChazzyLlama Beatles Halloween :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 88 24 Ay George by ChazzyLlama Ay George :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 130 25 John's Birthday by ChazzyLlama John's Birthday :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 114 25 Duckies by ChazzyLlama Duckies :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 53 10 Boop by ChazzyLlama Boop :iconchazzyllama:ChazzyLlama 69 11


So I haven't been te happiest person lately. So many things happen to me. This year has been full of crap. I lost a family member, my beloved cat went missing, and I'm no longer me anymore. I hate almost everything about myself. I've hated myself to the point if cutting again. I just need to breath but I can't. I have mid terms coming up and I just have no time to relax. I need someone to talk to. I just feel like I'm not part of this world anymore. There are people out there who I talk to but I feel bad because I'm annoying them with my problems. My New Years resolutions are: push myself to the limit in lacrosse, do 10x better in school, cut back on texting/roleplaying, stop faking happiness, and stop cutting.

What are your New Years resolutions?
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: whatever I'm typing
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: should i be playing something?
  • Eating: nuthing.. :(
  • Drinking: nothing..


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